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FOX Business
Nov 16, 2012 4:00pm EST
to do with the revenue. co-chief executive officer joining us now from dallas. good to see you, thank you for coming in, appreciate it. revenue is up and you are doing spectacular well on that side but the stock is way down, putting a three year chart, and about a 40% decline in stock price. what is happening there? >> we are continuing to deliver results. obviously this is a tough week on wall street, china internet bellwether made some mistakes. david: some people say by association have business in china that means investors are looking sour on your stock, is that what is going on? >> i can't speak to the specific stock price, but the single best component is outside of china. 40% of the business comes from outside of china. since i last talked, we talked about the strategy of enterprise. enterprise that is happening is contributing significantly to our growth. we gave guidance last two revenues 41 million, this year giving guidance to over double from 90 to 91 and next t year te core business another 150-155 with another 20 to 25 coming in acquisition nearly doubling again next ye
FOX Business
Nov 29, 2012 4:00pm EST
are 2%. david: i have to jump in. we only have 10 seconds. one of the people dissatisfied is dallas fed president richard fisher. >> absolutely. david: does his voice amount to anything. >> there is lot of dissent at fed. one of the issues bernanke has to overcome. he is not the only one but certainly are a lot of people displeased with what they're doing, even inside the central bank. david: we should remember he is no longer member voting for the fed but has tremendous influence. john hills is rath has tremendous influence on the economy. seen that today. liz: always pleasure to have jon on the show. rally continue from yesterday to today. tomorrow you have to be with us. we'll see you then. money with melissa francis is next.
FOX Business
Nov 2, 2012 4:00pm EDT
increases over the past year, liz, you have markets like phoenix for example, denver, dallas, orlando. some of the markets that were hit very, very hard showing big gains in median home price. on a national basis we've seen about a 10% gain in price year-over-year. and then there are markets that are still lagging. so it really matters quite a bit how much job growth you're seeing in the metro. for example, phoenix, which is registered the biggest up jump in prices added 50,000 jobs over the past 12 months. that is very important indicator. the other indicator if we burn through the shadow inventory, meaning a lot of vacant homes and a lot of foreclosures, across the country you've seen foreclosures fall to 18% of total sales from a high of 30% which is another important indicator that the tells us the recovery is sustainable. liz: i like to hear that, that the recovery is sustainable. thanks so much. nice to see you. thank you very much. >> it's a pleasure. david: fresh air. what is the difference between political campaigns and hollywood movies? our next guest says, not much. peter guber,
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3